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This page shows, explains, and lists the different types of tokens that come with the game. I'll give some tips on these, since they can be very bad or very good, depending on the token.


Turaga are the tribal leaders of Mata Nui. They handle village affairs and help with problems when needed. They are also the aid of each Toa they follow. Turaga can be very helpful. Ther is not one thing that is bad about them. Any Turaga gives you +5 durring challenges, and the Turaga that follows the Toa you are playing (Example- Gali with Nokama) gives +10! It is reccomended to land on the Turaga spaces whenever possible, even if you already have 2 Turaga. Keep picking up Turaga tokens until you get the 2 that suits your Toa so that you can get a +20 bonus!

Turaga of Le-Koro
Kanohi: Mahiki
Tool: Kau Kau Staff

Matau, the leader of Lewa's Tohunga, is a renowned practical joker, but this brave warrior is very seriouse in his duty as the protector of Lewa's legend. His agreeable personality inspires fierde loyalty.

Turaga of Onu-Koro
Kanohi: Ruru
Tool: Drill of Onua

Whenua guides work in Onu-Koro's vast complex tunnels as well as the quarry, seeing problems a day before they occur. He's always ready to help those around him solve problems.

Turaga of Ga-Koro
Kanohi: Rau
Tool: Fish Bone Staff

Nokama, Turaga of the tribe pledged to Gali, knows more about the ways of the oceans, rivers, and lakes than anyone else save the Toa herself. She says little, but all the Turaga respect her logic.

Turaga of Ko-Koro
Kanohi: Matatu
Tool: Ice Pick

Nuju, Turaga of ice, may seem aloof and uncaring, but this is far from the truth. He simply prefers to let his actions and generous deeds speak for themselves.

Turaga of Po-Koro
Kanohi: Komau
Tool: Stone Hammer

Onewa the Turaga of the easygoing and informal stone tribe. His friends know him as "The Referee" for the time he takes to make a decision. Whatever he decides is bound to be correct.

Turaga of Ta-Koro
Kanohi: Huna
Tool: Ancient Firestaff

Vakama is famouse for his quik temper and great courage, regardless of the odds. He's an admirer and protector of all who show courage, and he weilds an ancient firestaff in honor of his Toa, Tahu.


These are the evil creatures that Makuta has control over. Makuta makes things harder for you by having many rahi on Mata Nui. When playing the game, these guys can be get in the way. Usually it's best to try to figure out ways to go around a Rahi, or even many Rahi. The only time when they are helpful is when your roll for moving is low, but you need to go further. The best thing to do in this case is to land on a Rahi space. The rules say that if you defeat a Rahi, you may roll again to move. Make sure you land on a Rahi you think you have a chance of winning against, or you might lose!

Power: 1-7
A low level Rahi which can be bothersome in the early stages of your quest

Power: 7-13
These Rahi can catch you unprepared if you do not have a Kanohi or Turaga

Power: 13-20
To be avoided until you have a Kanohi or Turaga

Locks & Keys

Makuta's temple is well protected with many locks. As a Toa you need to pick up the right keys to unlock 1 of 6 doors to Makuta's temple. Once unlocked, you can challenge Makuta!

Gate Lock
Each of these has 3 different symbols on 1 side. You must have the 3 key tokens that have symbols that mach the symbols on the lock token in order to open the lock

Gate Key
Each of these has 1 symbol on 1 side. Some have white colored symbols while a few have a gold colored symbol. These "gold" symbols are wilds, they can be any symbol you want when you are unlocking a gate lock.


The Kanohi masks are sought out by the Toa to help them in their quest to defeat Makuta. Kanohi help alot in this game. The best ones to get are the Pakari and the KauKau since they allow you to move fast and win almost any challenge. You cannot have a Kakama and KauKau at the same time, you only can use 1 of theses masks at a time.

Grants the power of protection! While you have this mask, add +5 to your die roll in any challenge.

Grants the power to see another player's tokens and take one! To do this, you must land on the same space as another player. An exact roll is not required. (Once used, this Kanohi is place face down on the start place, Toa Landing) Roll again to escape!

Grants the power of speed! While you have this mask, use the red die (d8) instead of the white one to travel the board and in any challenge.

Grants the power of strength! While you have this mask, add ten points to your die roll in any challenge.

Grants the poer of levitation! You may use this mask to levitate directly to any other space on the playing surface. (Once used, this Kanohi is place face down on the start place, Toa Landing)

Grants the power of strength! While you have this mask, add ten points to your die roll in any challenge.

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