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created by: SamHideoLopez


This page explains new ways to play the board game. All the basic rules still apply (like moving, challenges, where tokens are placed, etc.) unless otherwise noted. Some of these game variations allow you to challenge/fight other players, play in teams, or just take huge risks. Each different way to play is based on the official Bionicle™ story, just to make it more fun to play! Remember, you can alter the rules to your fitting any way you want. These are just my ways I play the game.

note: I haven't had the time to test all theses game variations out yet, so some things (stats, power, etc.) may be unbalanced at the time. I will also be updating this page when I get new ideas for game variations. If you have any game variations and want me to post them, e-mail me at


Game Variation by: SamHideoLopez

This game variation is based on the infected masks. The Bionicle™ story says that if you wear an infected Kanohi (also known as a mask), Makuta then takes control of your body to do his evil works . The only way to free the person from Makuta's control, you must knock/take/force off the infected mask from it's host.

# of Players: from 2 to 6
Tokens to Use: Turaga, Rahi, and Kanohi ONLY
Die to Use: d6, d8, d12
Starting Board:Toa Landing (for non-infected Toa) & Makuta's Temple (for infected Toa)
Game Additions: NONE
How to win: Defeat opposing team ( Example- infected Toa defeat all non-infected Toa )

-1- First, have the players choose to be an infected Toa (there has to be at least one of these) or a non-infected Toa (there has to be at least one of these). Players on the same team can work with each other as a team, but they cannot reveal their tokens to their teamates

-2- After shuffling the game board peices, place the Toa Landing board out. Now keep picking up boards from your shuffeled board pile and connect them (any way and any where you want) until you get to Makuta's Temple. Now the people playing infected Toa can attach this board anywhere they want. The infected Toa start at Makuta's Temple and the non-infected Toa start at Toa Landing.

-3- Play non-infected Toa just like in the regular game while the infected Toa do not have to fight rahi (you don't have to challenge them if you land on a rahi token) but they cannot use Turaga (even if you land on a Turaga token, you cannot take it)

-4- How to challenge other Toa- When a an infected Toa and non infected Toa are on the same space, they may battle. Battles are the same as when fighting Rahi except each player adds up all their bonuses and then rolls the die. Whoever scores higher wins. The winner of the battle may take a Kanohi from the losing player (without turning the Kanohi tokens over).

-5- When an infected Toa is defeated 2 times, he/she becomes a non-infected Toa. When a non-infected Toa is defeated 2 times, he/she becomes an infected Toa, thus loosing all his/her Turaga. Once a player changes, they have to work with the team they lost to (example: if an infected Toa loses 2 times, he changes into a non-infected Toa and then has to work with the non-infected Toa team) Players can change from infected to non-infected (only through challenges) more than only once.

-6- When a non-infected Toa discards a token, he/she places it on Toa Landing. When an infected Toa discards a token, he/she places it on Makuta's Landing


Game Variation by: SamHideoLopez

This game variation is based on the new 2002 Bohrok LEGO® toys. As the saying goes "If you wake one, you wake them all". Through this game you have to outsurvive the other Toa in order to win. Just make sure you don't wake any Bohrok, or else...

# of Players: from 2 to 6
Tokens to Use: None
Die to Use:d12
Starting Board:Toa Landing
Game Additions: about 120 white small cicular paper with 10 to 16 peices (your choice on how many) of the circular paper colored on one side
How to win: Survive by being the last Toa left

-1- This one game takes a bit of preparing to do. First, you need to make around 120 or so of small circular peices of paper (about the size of the tokens that come in the game). Then grab 10 to 16 of these white peices of paper and color them on one side only (make sure it's not easy to see the color). When this is all done, shuffle together all the peices of paper you are ready to start playing.

-2- Start like usual (with the shuffled game boards and starting at the Toa Landing). Now, everytime you put a game board down, place the white peices of paper face down on ALL the spaces (even the portals). In this game variation you don't use Turaga, Kanohi, Keys, or even Rahi, only Bohrok tokens.

-3- Every time you move, you HAVE TO land on a Bohrok token (if not able to reach any tokens, reroll, untill you can reach one). When you land on the token, flip it over to reveal the other side. If the other side of the token does not have a color on it, then discard the paper. If the other side DOES have a color, you and your Toa are eliminated from the game and the colored token discarded.

-4- The last Toa to survive is/are the winner/winners (it is possible to have more than one winner).

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