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created by: SamHideoLopez


This page is a list of words/lingo used in this game and their meaning/discription.

This list is not in any order, it's just used for reference

Mata Nui: Island that this whole story/game takes place

Challenge: A fight between a Rahi and Toa (or Toa and Toa)

Token: Little round cardboard peices used in this game as Rahi, Kanohi, Locks, Gates, and Turaga

Game Board: The big puzzle peices. This is what the Toa move on.

d6: The white 6 sided die

d8: The red 8 sided die

d12: the green 12 sided die

Key: 3 of these tokens are needed to open locks

Lock: Tokens that lock Makuta's Temple

Portal: The red spaces on the game board that connect to new random game boards

Makuta: Ultimate evil! Must be defeated to win the game

Toa: Heros of the game

Turaga: Village leaders and the Toa's helper

Tohunga: Islanders of Mata Nui

Koro: Village

Rahi: Makuta's servants. Battles these on your quest

Kanohi: The masks that the Toa use to aid them on their quest

Bohrok: Buglike creatures that hold a dark secret....

SamHideoLopez: The creator of this website

Infected Kanohi: Masks tainted by Makuta's evil power

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